Organizational Effectiveness

Find true organizational value through collaborative, well-designed transformation.

Public sector modernization is always underway. Growing demand for public services, increasing use of technology, and the realities of the ‘available anytime’ era challenge traditional public sector operating models and structures. Governments must continually find process efficiencies, speed up service delivery, and discover new ways to reduce cost.

Shore’s experts work with you to capture your needs and constraints then develop a range of possible business, technology, and process solutions. We’ll work with you to define clear goals, align your business functions to create strategic value, and create a plan to deliver you through the journey ahead.

Expect us to challenge you on old ways of doing things and to present you with new opportunities for growth and change. Our team will engage with you and your stakeholders, confer with other jurisdictions, and take you through a collaborative validation process to meet your core values regarding transparency, accountability, privacy and protection.

Change Management

Transformational change starts with individual journeys.

Failing to work with human needs can make it impossible for transformational change to succeed. Shore designs customized change management programs that help staff learn, accept, embrace, and become advocates for change.

( 01 )

Readiness Assessments

Understand the unique aspects of your organization and the initiative to develop a targeted strategy for change.

( 02 )

Communications Planning

Convey the value of change early and often, while understanding potential sensitivities.

( 03 )

Manager Coaching

Enable management to be effective change agents.

( 04 )

Employee Training

Provide staff with the tools for sustained change.

( 05 )

Resistance Management

Anticipate what resistance might look like and plan accordingly.

Organizational Review

Fix service gaps and functional problems to improve stakeholder delivery.

Shore will work with you to achieve policy goals and align operations with your mandate. We define your business needs, efficiencies, and operational constraints. Then we will give you a range of evidence-based business, technology, and process solutions to bring everything together.

( 01 )

Mandate Reviews

Understand and quantify the relevance, success, and efficiency of your operational mandate.

( 02 )

Program and Policy Reviews

Identify opportunities to update and align programs and policies with new legislation, operational directives, and emerging best practices.

( 03 )

Organizational Design

We make sure the form of your organization follows the function you’re there to provide. Your structure should enable your value chain, not get in the way or add complexity.

( 04 )

Service Delivery Modernization

Discover innovative service delivery tools and channels to enhance user adoption and satisfaction.

( 05 )

Jurisdictional and Environmental Scanning

Understand and leverage best-practices and market trends at home and around the world.

Strategy Design

Innovative strategies to deliver more with less

Shore helps make program and service transformations successful by understanding your mandate and delivering strategies that improve stakeholder experience. We help you discover your real value proposition, build support for your initiatives, and allocate your human and financial capital to where it can be used best

( 01 )

Strategic Roadmaps

Clearly define the tasks, timelines, and resources needed to get you from point A to point B.

( 02 )

Process Improvement

Resolve inefficiencies in your current business processes to make them faster, friendlier, and more aligned with internal policy.

( 03 )

Organizational Metrics

Define, defend, and socialize the way you measure success.

( 04 )

Business Cases

Compelling business cases that assess options, make the case for investment, and prepare for next steps.

( 05 )

Business Architecture

Map out the components of your business to ensure that each new addition aligns with your strategic goals.