Digital Delivery

Making service delivery simpler, smarter, and faster.

The public sector is advancing rapidly into the digital world. This means moving from traditional pen-and-paper processes to modern, digital solutions that improve business performance, capture meaningful data, and connect you with users.

We can help you transform a manual paper process into a seamless online workflow, develop technical and strategic solutions to manage and share data across your organization, or publish web-based tools that connect users to services no matter where they are.

Finding the right solution means understanding what you do well, what needs improving, and what will position you for continued growth and success. Our experts work with you from the ground up to understand your needs, provide options, and implement the best solution.

Digital Data Intake

Service without the clutter.

Paper forms have persisted in government because it was the least expensive way to collect information. What started out as in interim solution has evolved into way of life for jurisdictions: thousands of forms that run government. Smart forms or online PDFs with business rules manage to collect data, but it grinds the user experience to a halt in an era where we expect flow.

It’s been over a decade since smart paper forms aimed to save us from paper transactions, but instead they took a simple problem and created a complex solution that has weaved its way into our operational fabric. Smart forms (XFA or Acroforms) don’t accommodate changes in business processes, workflows, technology, regulations, and devices. Forms are an administrative boondoggle that require people to re-input data, do not allow any feedback to its users, or support data governance.

Every citizen needs at some point or another to use forms to interface with government and large health care organizations. And these organizations must manage thousands of documents and create or update forms constantly.

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Digital Data Intake Platform

Our tech converts smart PDFs into HTML5 and maintains all legacy business rules. This allows for data control and complex workflow. This helps us ensure what’s easier for the user–filling in something online–will also make things easier for the organization. Form function is easily modified, apps are quickly built, and data plugs into information ecosystems more easily.

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Building for change

By capturing data and business rules, our tech helps organizations standardize and optimize business rules across business units and the organization. This can help illuminate core, repeatable processes and make re-engineering and analysis easy.

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Our tech increases transparency by allowing users and stakeholders to have more control over their data and more insight into how and where to improve delivery next.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Getting the most from your data.

Your organization likely has more information than it knows what to do with. Shore brings tools and techniques to make the most of the value contained in your data. We can help you move from report-centric or spreadsheet-based approaches to integrated analytics. This provides your whole organization with a big-picture view, because problems can’t be solved by working in silos.

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Solve the Data Attribution Problem

Move beyond traditional data collection and focus on active attribution. By tracing granular data on user interactions with your services, our tools go well beyond correlating inputs with outputs. This allows managers to understand what works for their business, and helps organizations develop winning strategies.

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Implement our packaged Tools

Peeristics is a great example of how our tech, by integrating data from multiple structured and unstructured sources, helps educators discover and attribute the factors that result in student success. It uses Language Processing, Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing to build enough data to enable attribution of resources to student outcomes.

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Build business-driven BI teams

Chances are, your managers and analysts are the people who know your business best. Give them the tools and IT support they need to move beyond spreadsheets and static reports to data exploration and authoring. We provide experts and advice to bridge the gap.

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Break out of Silos

Stop looking at business problems tactically and individually. Develop a short-term but holistic BI strategy that aligns business units with BI teams to eliminate information silos, duplication, and inconsistency to reveal the big picture,

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Establish a Data Governance Framework

Data is only useful when it is accurate, accessible, and clearly defined. Bridge both business and IT to develop quality standards, business rules, data architecture, and security practices that everyone can understand and will expanded as your BI maturity increases.

Platform Integration

Proven tools to connect your solutions and your data.

Many organizations have an increasing number of applications and services that require integration, and a greater variety of data consumers. Data access is power, but creating net-new integration tools can be wasteful. Shore brings ready-made tools and approaches to integrate your solutions and maximize your data efficiency. Our powerful integration engines reduce complexity for both you and your consumers and provide flexible data ecosystems.

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Independent Integration

Shore’s integration tools exist independently of your solutions to support new technology directions and minimize the complexity of multiple point-to-point integrations.

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Connect with Partners

Leverage Shore’s powerful integration engine to efficiently onboard your partners and their data.

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Connect your Data

Build flexible data ecosystems that cater to multiple data consumers with varying needs.