Shore is one of North America’s premier public sector innovation firm. Exclusively public sector focused, we are committed to building and investing in platforms for government delivery of services since we started in 1996. We draw insights into the strategic and technology challenges that government services face to provide point solutions that don’t move the needle but to leapfrog it.

Fresh solutions to unsolved problems

At Shore, rather than finding the incremental improvements to industry problems, we look for the white space and fill in the gap with point platforms and initiate breakthrough solutions. At Shore, we curate the best ideas from across the public and private sector and teams to bring new, fresh thinking.

Finding new problems to solve

Unsolved large scale public sector problems persist, not because the technology does not exist, but the nature and details of the true problems are not understood. At Shore, we are experts and finding the overlooked areas to realize big change; and if it’s a problem that makes a big difference, we fund it.